Facebook Fever..!

By Nitin Adlakha On June 27, 2012 0 comments

Hi All, presenting before you a new Blog The Wandering Thoughts. Hope you guys like it..!! Appreciate your feedback..!!

Do you believe in Mark Zuckerberg..??

Well, to be honest . i don't. though i have my friend circle on facebook only. i still dont believe Mark.. you must be wondering why i don't ..even though i am a addicted to facebook..!!

Have you noticed the recent changes in facebook.. are you aware of facebook email service...??
Well, its been more than a year facebook is providing the email service . mine is adlaks@facebook.com

Yours is {username/profileid}@facebook.com

SO now you got one more email id.. how to check those emails coming to your facebook accounts.
Click on messages on the left hand side of your homepage.. you'll be having the email sent to you by others.

WOW!! Facebook is giving us too many features and still i dont believe Mark Zuckerberg. There are many reasons actually.

Have you noticed that that Mark has imposed this service on you, whether you like it or not. Follow the below steps:

1. Go to your profile.
2. Check About Me Section.
3. Is your email showing something like this? 

Don't panic.. you can change it through your settings.

Seems like Mark wants to overtake the email hosting service also.

Now, second thing which you need to check is your friend list. Check and revert back.

You'll find plenty of names without any profile pic. These all are the deleted profiles.
The deleted profiles would be only those which have a name with them and no other information.
You don't believe me. Go click on any one of them and you'll be redirect back to your friend list.
So, if they were really deleted. how you can see them.. I have no answer.
Seems like the rumours of keeping the data of users with Mark is still there on the fb servers.

I am not against facebook. I just want to remind my friends to be cautious on social networks.

Happy and Safe Surfing..!!

P.S. : No offences for anyone..!

Facebook's New Feature: Interest List

By Nitin Adlakha On May 26, 2012 1 comments

Hi All, presenting before you a new Blog The Wandering Thoughts. Hope you guys like it..!! Appreciate your feedback..!!

Hello friends,

With each day, the addiction of facebook is getting into the veins and Mark Zuckerburg is chipping in $$$ with new features daily. So, here i am with one of the new feature Interest List.

Some of you have already been using it and for others, it is a new thing. Although you might have noticed it but have you really tried it? If not then this post is for you. Keep reading.

The main function of this feature is to let you organize your favourite newstreams into a single place.
 You can create and subscribe to topical feeds like "Sports", "Food", "Fashion",  "Photography" etc etc as per your wish. For instance, under the list of photography you can add the facebook pages of your favourite photographers.

P.S. You can even add people (your crush) to the list ;). Go get it.

Happy Surfing..!!!! :)

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